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  • We are licensed to design for commercial, institutional, retail, hospitality, corporate, and health care settings, governed by the Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Interior Designers.
  • We apply life safety, accessibility, and building codes to interiors, creating spaces that are safe and efficient as well as beautiful.
  • We analyze requirements, prepare contract documents, develop designs, create budgets, draw plans, and specify materials, finishes and furnishings covered by codes.
  • We work collaboratively with architects, builders, engineers, and fire marshals to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Our Path to Professionalism
  • Since 1999:  Accredited college education, supervised work experience, and passage of the standardized NCIDQ examination are required for license application in Louisiana.
  • Registration = Recognition:  Since 2004, the number of applicants for licensing has more than doubled.  In 2009, 10% were from out of state.  Louisiana, through our statutory recognition of interior design practice, now draws professionals from other states.
  • Yearly continuing education:  Required courses keep us up to date on fire safety, life safety codes, the International Building Code, ADA requirements, ergonomics, moisture issues, lighting, sustainability, and more.
  • Graduates of the bachelor degree programs at LSU, Louisiana Tech, and ULL, and those completing the three-year program at Delgado can establish careers by staying in Louisiana.

Making an Economic Impact
  • 479 currently registered interior designers; 67.4% came from Louisiana college programs in the last five years
  • Results of the 2009 state board survey of licensees:
o    41.3% are owners, principals, or partners of their firms
o    over 90% hold four year or graduate degrees
o    41.4% report a gross of over $1,000,000 specified by their firms
o    32.2% report a gross of over $1,000,000 supplied, sold, or fees charged by their firms
o    over 85% specify furniture, flooring, paint, plumbing fixtures, lighting, wall covering, cabinetry, draperies, hardware, doors, appliances, art, and antiques

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